Serve tacos
Serve tacos

Serve tacos

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“As for me and my house we will serve tacos. Salsa  24:7” 

20IN x 7IN
This funny sign will look great in your dining room & directly reflects your love for taco nights filled with laughter!

Every sign is designed in-house, hand cut & painted (not vinyl), and carefully framed. At times my hands are flawed and there will be a minor variation, in other words – what we call “A Rustic Sign” made with love. No two pieces of wood are the same.

Each piece of wood has unique grain pattern, texture, grooves, knots, and nicks. No matter how nicely we ask the trees, each one is a little bit knotty. Hanging wire is attached to each sign, we can’t be held liable for marital disputes that occur during the hanging of or delayed hanging of our products.