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J Tred Woodworking

Betsy Ross Medium Flag

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Take no offense, she’s an original, an icon, & th flag she sewed together STANDS for everything she envisioned the flag to be. The origin of our great nation and the ability to unite under one symbol. It’s a great reminder to band together to accomplish common goals & continue to be one great Nation with Liberty & Justice for all!

39IN x 22IN 

Every flag we create is one of a kind with unique grain pattern, texture, grooves, knots, and nicks. No matter how nicely we ask the trees, each one is a little bit knotty and has 13 hand cut stripes. All flags come with hanging wire attached out of the box and ready to display. I love my country and I have such pride when making each flag, I believe the flag is a powerful & uniting symbol for all. I hope you enjoy your patriotic handcrafted flag.