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J Tred Woodworking

Coin Holder Flag Thin Blue Line

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Display your collection of challenge coins, patches, or pins on these wooden shelves that line up with the stripes on the flag. The racks can be added to our red, white, and blue flags as well as the Thin Blue Line or Thin Red Line flags. These flags are a great way to get those coins out of the drawer and proudly display your history and memories.

27IN x 15IN Small
39IN x 22IN Medium
51IN x 28IN Large

Every flag we create is one of a kind with unique grain pattern, texture, grooves, knots, and nicks. No matter how nicely we ask the trees, each one is a little bit knotty and has 13 hand cut stripes. All flags come with hanging wire attached out of the box and ready to display. I love my country and I have such pride when making each flag, I believe the flag is a powerful & uniting symbol for all. I hope you enjoy your patriotic handcrafted flag.